People can remember pictures and videos so much better than reading a list of words or listening to a tape. So here?s a resource where you can learn a language through visual aids. Each video from Language By Video contains a teaching point demonstrated by native speakers. The teaching point could be grammar related or vocabulary related to achieving a certain goal. Having the subtitles and translation next to the video, learners are able to determine what each word means and how each phrase is correctly pronounced. And if learners need to watch and hear again, it is really easy to pause, rewind and play again the videos.

Language By Video is a resource for students and teachers. Students can use it to learn or to supplement their learning and teachers can use it to supplement their lessons plans.

It has been designed in a way that anyone can contribute to the site by recording their own videos and uploading them onto the site. Language schools who contribute, can have their school acknowledged on the Language Schools page, with links to their website.

The idea behind Language By Video came from Tom Veitch. Tom graduated in Psychology, where he was particularly interested in memory and learning behaviour. Then he did a TEFL course and taught English in various schools in Poland, Japan, Chile and England. Tom learnt Japanese to an intermediate level and has spent the last 5 years learning Spanish. He lives with his wife, a fluent Spanish speaker from the Dominican Republic.

"Like most people, I'm not a natural linguistic. I can't just go to Spain and pick up the language by simply being there. I have to work hard and spend time studying. Of course, time is precious and the more you can learn in the least amount of time, the better. By using these videos to learn, learners are picking up the language and are more likely to remember due to the visual nature of them."

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