Vocabulary - Impersonal Verbs

Here are a list of common impersonal verbs, which use the same rules as gustar

Spanish Example English
gustar to like me gusta el pan I like bread
apetecer to fancy me apetecen unos tapas I fancy some tapas
caer mal to fall badly me cae mal ese chico I don't like that boy
caer bien to fall well me cae bien ese chico I like that boy
doler to be in pain me duele la cabeza I have a headache
encantar to be delighted/love me encantan las playas de Uruguay I love Uruguayan beaches
faltar to miss/be short me faltan 2 euros I'm 2 euros short
hace faltar to need me hace falta comprar un regalo I need to buy a present
interesar to be interested in me interesa la política I'm interested in politics
ir bien to go well/suit le va bien esa camisa That shirt suits him
quedar to be left me queda poco dinero I haven't got much money left
sentar bien to sit well no me sientan bien los mejillones Mussles don't agree with me
sobrar to be left over me sobra tiempo I've got more than enough time
volver loco to be mad about me vuelve loco la pizza I'm mad about pizza


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