Continuous tenses



Estoy escribiendo (I am writing)
Están durmiendo (They are sleeping)
Estabas hablando (You were talking)
Hemos estado jugando (We have been playing)


To emphasise an action is/was/will be in the middle of taking place

Present continuous
Estoy estudiando español
I am in the middle of studying. At this very moment I'm studying.

Simple present
Estudio español
At various times during the year I study Spanish


Estar + gerund/present participle
i.e. correct part of estar + -ando(ar verbs) or -iendo(er/ir verbs)

Present continuous regular -ar verbs

Estoy jugando - I am playing
Estás jugando - You are playing
Está jugando - He/she/it/usted is/are playing
Estamos jugando - We are playing
Estáis jugando - You vosotros are playing
Están jugando - They/ustedes are playing

Present continuous regular -er/-ir verbs

Estoy comiendo - I am eating
Estás comiendo - You are eating
Está comiendo - He/she/it/usted is/are eating
Estamos comiendo - We are eating
Estáis comiendo - You vosotros are eating
Están comiendo - They/ustedes are eating

Irregular verbs

Verbs that add a 'y' in present e.g. construir
Estoy construyendo - I am building

Radical changing verbs e.g. sentir,dormir
Estás sintiendo - You are feeling
Están durmiendo - They are sleeping

Note that yendo is not often used. Use voy - I am going

Other tenses
Change estar to the correct tense. The present participle stays the same

Imperfect continuous
Estaba jugando - I was playing

Preterite continuous (Emphasise that action was completed)
Estuve jugando - I was playing

Future continuous
Estaré jugando cuando llegues - I will be playing when you arrive

Conditional continuous
Paula estarķa jugando - Paula should be playing

Present perfect continuous
He estado jugando - I have been playing

Past perfect continuous
Había estado jugando - I had been playing


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