Immediate Future (I'm going to...)


The immediate future is formed by the simple present of ir + a + infinitive

  Español English
yo voy a tomar I'm going to take
vas a tomar You're going to take
él, ella, Ud. va a tomar He's / She's / It's / You're (polite) going to take
nosotros/as vamos a tomar We're going to take
vosotros/as vais a tomar You're (plural) going to take
ellos, ellas, Uds. van a tomar They're (polite+plural) going to take


Yo voy a beber agua
I'm going to drink water

Vamos a ir de compras esta tarde
We're going shopping this afternoon

Paulo dice que va a haber un partido de fútbol mañana.
Paulo says that there's going to be a football match tomorrow


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