Preterite Tense - Regular Verbs


The preterite tense is used to express COMPLETED ACTIONS in the PAST.

No me abrió la puerta.
He didn't open the door for me

¿Qué comisteis en el restaurante?
What did you eat in the restaurant?

Se afeitaron antes de desayunar.
They shaved before breakfast.

En la arena encontré un anillo de oro.
In the arena, I found a gold ring.

There are 2 main groups to forming the preterite. -ar verbs and -er/-ir verbs

tomar (-ar verbs) comer (-er/ir verbs)
yo tomé comí
tomaste comiste
él, ella, Ud. tomó com
nosotros/as tomamos comimos
vosotros/as tomasteis comisteis
ellos, ellas, Uds. tomaron comieron


1. The endings of -er and -re are the same.

2. The "we" part of both groups is nearly the present tense.
   Context makes it clear which is used.

Reflexive Verbs in the Preterite.

me levanté
te levantaste
se levantó
nos levantamos
os levantasteis
se levantaron


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