Preterite Tense - Irregular Verbs


Ser (to be) and ir (to go) - Both have same preterite form


Dar (to give) and ver (to see, watch)

dar (to give) ver (to see/watch)
di vi
diste viste
dio vio
dimos vimos
disteis visteis
dieron vieron

Verbs that add a "y" in the third person

caer leer oír huir
(to fall) (to read) (to hear) (to run away)
caí leí oí huí
caíste leíste oíste huiste
ca le o hu
caímos leímos oímos huimos
caísteis leísteis oísteis huisteis
cayeron leyeron oyeron huyeron

Other similar verbs which add a "y"
proveer (to provide)
poseer (to possess)
destruir (to destroy)
construir (to build)
distribuir (to distribute)
contribuir (to contribute)

Verbs that change their stem (-uve)

estar andar tener contener
(to be) (to walk) (to have) (to contain)
estuve anduve tuve contuve
estuviste anduviste tuviste contuviste
estuvo anduvo tuvo contuvo
estuvimos anduvimos tuvimos contuvimos
estuvisteis anduvisteis tuvisteis contuvisteis
estuvieron anduvieron tuvieron contuvieron

Other common verbs the group that change their stem (uve)
retener (to retain)
mantener (to maintain)
detener (to detain)
sostener (to sustain, support)
obtener (to obtain)

Verbs that change their stem (-ice/-ise/-ine/-ije)

hacer venir querer decir
(to do/make) (to come) (to want) (to say)
hice vine quise dije
hiciste viniste quisiste dijiste
hizo vino quiso dijo
hicimos vinimos quisimos dijimos
hicisteis vinisteis quisisteis dijisteis
hicieron vinieron quisieron dijeron (no "i")

Verbs that have "j" in the stem but no "i" in 3rd person plural

traer producir
(to bring) (to produce)
traje produje
trajiste produjiste
trajo produjo
trajimos produjimos
trajisteis produjisteis
trajeron produjeron

Other common verbs that have "j" in the stem but no "i" in 3rd person plural
distraer (to distract, amuse)
atraer (to attract)
contraer (to contract)
reducir (to reduce)
conducir (to drive)
traducir (to translate)

Verbs that change to "u" in their stem

poner saber poder caber
(to put) (to know) (to be able to) (to fit)
puse supe pude cupe
pusiste supiste pudiste cupiste
puso supo pudo cupo
pusimos supimos pudimos cupimos
pusisteis supisteis pudisteis cupisteis
pusieron supieron pudieron cupieron

Other common verbs that change to "u" in their stem
ponerse (to put on, become)
oponer (to oppose)
suponer (to suppose)
componer (to compose)
haber - hubo (there was/were)

Verbs where one person is irregular
pagar - pagué (I paid)
jugar - jugué (I played)
llegar - llegué (I arrived)
sacar - saqué (I took out)
picar - piqué (I stung, pricked)
cruzar - crucé (I crossed)
empezar - empecé (I begun)
rezar - recé (I prayed)
averiguar - averigüé (I investigated)
grunir - gruñó (He grumbled)

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