Pronouns - Table


Table of Pronouns
Direct - me, you, he   Indirect - to me, to you, to him
Subject Direct Object Indirect Object Relexive Prepositional
yo me me me
te te te ti
él lo le se sí/él
ella la le se sí/ella
usted le/la le se sí/usted
nosotros nos nos nos nosotros
nosotras nos nos nos nosotras
vosotros os os os vosotros
vosotras os os os vosotras
ellos los les se ellos
ellas las les se ellas
ustedes los/les/las les se sí/ustedes


A - Subject Pronoun is only used for emphasis or to avoid confusion. I, you, he, she, etc.

B - The Direct Object Pronoun. Me, you, him, her, etc.

C - The Indirect Object Pronoun. To me, to you, for me, etc. Also used with impersonal verbs such as gustar.

D - The Reflexive Pronoun. E.g. I wash myself - Me lavo.

E - The Prepositional Pronoun
Para mí, para ti, etc.
Sin mí, sin ti, etc.
Por mí, por ti, etc.
BUT - conmigo, contigo, consigo.
Use sí and not él, ella, usted, ustedes to mean ...self or ...selves


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