Adjectives and How They Agree


There are 3 regular groups of adjectives, which agree with the noun they are describing in gender and number:

Group 1: -o, -a, -os, -as
masculine feminine
singular un chico sincero - A sincere boy una chica sincera - A sincere girl
plural chicos sinceros - Sincere boys chicas sinceras - Sincere girls

Group 2: -e, -es
masculine feminine
singular un chico responsable - A responsible boy una chica responsable - A responsible girl
plural chicos responsables - Responsible boys chicas responsables - Responsible girls

Group 3a: Words ending in a consonant (e.g. l,n,s,r,z)
masculine feminine
singular un bolígrafo azul - A blue pen una camiseta azul - A blue t-shirt
plural bolígrafos azules - Blue pens camisetas azules - Blue t-shirts

Group 3b: Exceptions -or, -án, -ón, nationalities
masculine feminine
singular un chico trabajador - A hardworking boy una chica trabajadora - A hardworking boy
plural chicos trabajadores - Hardworking boys chicas trabajadoras - Hardworking girls

masculine feminine
singular un chico inglés - An English boy una chica inglesa - An English girl
plural chicos ingleses - English boys chicas inglesas - English girls


Irregular adjectives

Un chico optimista - An optimistic boy
Chicos optimistas - Optimistic boys

Libros naranja - Orange books

Un pantalón rosa - Pink trousers


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