Possessive Adjectives

singular noun plural noun
My Mi hermano - My brother Mis hermanos - My brothers
Your (informal singluar) Tu hermano - Your brother Tus hermanos - Your brothers
His, Her, Its, Their, Your (formal) Su hermano - His, her, their, your brother Sus hermanos - His, her, their, your brothers
Our (masculine) Nuestro hermano - Our brother Nuestros hermanos - Our brothers
Our (feminine) Nuestra hermana - Our sister Nuestras hermanas - Our sisters
Your (masculine informal plural) Vuestro hermano - Your brother Vuestros hermanos - Your brothers
Your (feminine informal plural) Vuestra hermana - Your sister Vuestras hermanas - Your sisters

Remember that possessive adjectives agree with the noun

The below could mean

Sus hermanas - Her sisters
Su hermano - Their brother


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