Prepositions of place

This video contains the Spanish language of prepositions of place to describe location and position. The use of 'estar' rather than 'ser' is needed for position.
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La oveja está entre las dos. La oveja está dentro. La oveja está fuera. La oveja está al frente. La oveja está detrás. La oveja está a la derecha. La oveja está a la izquierda. La oveja está arriba. La oveja está abajo. La oveja camina hacia al frente. La oveja camina hacia atrás. La oveja está cerca. La oveja está al distante. La oveja camina hacia el lado.

Ths sheep is between the two. The sheep is inside. The sheep is outside. The sheep is in front. The sheep is behind. The sheep is to the right. The sheep is to the left. The sheep is above. The sheep is below. The sheep walks to the front. The sheep walks to the back. The sheep is close. The sheep is at a distance. The sheep walks towards the side.
Language: Spanish
Country: Dominican Republic
Level: Beginner
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Date uploaded: 18-Jan-2008
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