Express Regret - Example 3

'Debería de haber + past participle' to express regret. In this example 'Debería de haber comprado', meaning 'I should have bought' refers to what Miguelina should have done in the past in order to be very rich. The way to say the ticket became the winning one or the numbers came up, is 'el billete salió' - lit 'the ticket went out'. Note the Dominican accent 'swallows' some syllables.
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Esta mañana una gítana le dijó á Miguelina, 'compra de me mi billete', y Miguelina le dijó 'qué no'. Pero esta tarde el billete salió. Miguelina dijó 'debería de haber comprado eso billete.'

This morning a gypsey said to Miguelina, 'Buy from me, my ticket', and Migelina answered 'no'. But this afternoon the ticket became the winning one. Migelina said, 'I should have bought that ticket'.
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