The Cockney Accent

This video, containing expletives, demonstrates the cockney accent. The cockney accent is used by natives of London. The man is performing both parts of a dialogue between a man and the woman. The woman is trying to start a conversation by talking about last night's television and the man, who's completing a crossword, doesn't want to be disturbed .
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WOMAN- F2ck me rotten. Did you see that on the f2cking telly the other night. Oh f2ck me. It was f2cking awful I tell you. Oh, I dont know how they f2cking get away with it, I tell you. Who they think they f2cking hell are. MAN- What you talking about, girl. What are you f2cking talking about. Im trying to do the f2cking crossword here arent I. Keep your f2cking mouth shut will you. WOMAN-Oh, f2ck me I was just saying, werent I. I should just try and get on with this pile of ironing, shall I. MAN- Do what you f2cking want, girl. Im f2cking busy. F2cking busy. WOMAN-F2cking hell. I dont know why the f2ck I married you sometimes MAN- What you f2cking say WOMAN- Nothing MAN- 4 down, 4 down, begins with a C WOMAN- Probably what you are...c2nt MAN- What was that. WOMAN- Nothing. F2ck me, You should have heard the f2cking baby yesterday going on MAN- Shut up, will you. Im f2cking trying to do a crossword WOMAN- What are you f2cking saying tonight, dear. MAN- Shut up.
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Date uploaded: 31-Mar-2008
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