Food for Sale at a Street Stall

When driving through Latin America, you'll find many of these stalls by the road in the countryside. This farmer is selling produce of Cibao, the main agricultural area of Dominican Republic. He specialises in Chicharrones, which is deep fried pork. People from the nearby town of La Vega make the journey especially to buy his Chicharrones.
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Que estás vendiendo? Chicharrones. Platanos. Naranjas. Agaucate. Mandarinas. Guineos. Ají. Pepino. Lechuga. Repollo. Chayote. Y en el plato? La paila de hacer chicharrones.

What are you selling? Deep fred pork. Plantains. Oranges. Avacados. Mandarins. Bananas. Chillies. Cucumber. Lettuce. Cabbage. Chayote. And in the dish? The pan to do deep fried pork.
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