Give Instructions using the Impersonal Se

To say "you drive" or "you do it" in Spanish, you should use the impersonal se, "se conduce" or "se hace así". se is used in an impersonal sense with singular verbs to indicate that people in general, or no person in particular, performs the action. The man giving the instructions is from Haiti and works in a Dominican resort.
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La máquina se llama Siguey. Se conduce con el cuerpo y con el mano para guiarla. Por ejemplo si quiere guiarla al izquierda. Solamente izquierda. Si quiere guiarla a la derecha, se hace así . Entonces para ir alante, solamante inclina el cuerpo alante. Cuando quiere frenar, inclina el cuerpo detrás.

The machine is called Siguey. You drive with your body and with your hand to guide it. For example, if you want to guide it to the left. Only goes left. If you want to guide it to the right, you do it like this. Then to go forward, just incline your body forwards. When you want to brake, incline your body backwards.
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