Life in an Old Persons Home

The lady describes life at the old persons home in Dominican Republic. Although it is a quiet life, it is relatively sociable with sewing classes, trips and the celebrating of religious festivals.
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Se vive una vida tranquila. Este, se coopera con las ancianas mas débiles, mas enfermas. Tenemos también cursos de costura, costurero para hacer manualidades. Se hacen, como se llama,... se venden las manualidades que se hacen. También nos dan paseos. Nos llevan pasear. Hemos ido a Higuey dos veces. Buenos, hacemos muchos clases de actividades. Además que celebramos fiestas religiosas...

You live a quiet life. Here you cooperate with the old people most weak and most sick. We also have sewing classes, a sewing cloth to make handicrafts. They do...what's it called...The handicrafts which we make are sold. Also, they give us trips. They take us on trips. We've been to Higuey twice. Well, we have many activities. Furthermore, we celebrate religious festivals...
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