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The impersonal verb faltar is used. "Le falta sal" - It lacks salt. The more common impersonal verb, which works back to front is gustar - to like. Other verbs are... encantar - me encanta el pan - I love bread gustar - te gusta lo - Do you like it? Le gustan los libros - He likes the books. Importar - to care - No nos importa el deporte - We're not bothered about sport doler(ue) - me duele la cabeza - My head hurts Caer mal - to dislike - Les cae mal el chico - They don't like the boy
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- ¿Te gusta lo? - Me gusta mucho. - Ay! Pero le falta sal. Y creo que le falta un poco de sal - ¿Y picante? - Sí. Le falta lo más picante. - No sé. - No me parace mucho. - Está bien

- Do you like it? - I like it alot - Hey! But it lacks salt. I believe it lacks a little salt - And spices? - Yes, it lacks spices more. - I don't know - It doesn't seem much to me - It's fine
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