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Extras: Explore with me around a luxury cruise ship, the MS Europa. She's moored in Cadiz harbour. As we explore the ship we find 10 new words and I give you their use in the context of the picture. There is an audio podcast and a typescript with lots more information to help your studies. Now you can listen to the words wherever you are. Find these valuable extras by clicking the links above and below. linguaspectrum.comLearn English online using Skype: I also give online English classes by Skype. You can find out more by visiting If you want to learn English quickly and easily, I invite you to take classes with me online using Skype. You can improve your writing, too, with my English writing course. As a professional writer, I will guide you through the writing process, step by step, until you are able write with an effectiveness that will get you noticed. Improve your English writing and you improve your prospects of success in all areas of your life. The course is a series of writing assignments designed to take you through all aspects of writing in English. You will learn all about sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, outlining, introductions and conclusions, topic sentences and more. By the end of the course, you will be writing high-impact prose that will help you achieve the success you deserve in your business or academic life. Do you have a strong non-English accent when speaking English? Would you like to reduce ...
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