English weather phrases

I have written the video commentary here: Hello! What is the weather like today? Is it sunny? Yes! It is sunny! And how do I know it is sunny? Because the sun is shining into the camera. You can see the sun's rays It is very sunny today. Also, I can see some clouds. But not very many clouds. Just a few clouds. These white clouds are very few. Therefore, today the weather is mostly sunny and partly cloudy. Mostly sunny and partly cloudy. It is beautiful today. Do you think it is cold or hot? I think the weather is cold today. The temperature is cold. There is a lot of ice on the ground. So, we know it is cold. The ice is frozen. There is also some frost on this tree. Can you see the frost on the branches of this tree? The frost is very cold! I can feel the coldness on my fingers. I am removing some frost. Can you see the frost? It is very cold! Today the temp is -2 degrees celcius. Do you remember -2c is below freezing temperature? This frost certainly is cold!
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